Student Education

The student education committee organizes and plans educational events for the student body.  These include, but aren't limited to, lunch seminars, Loupe Fairs, Vendor Fair at Steel City, and business seminar week.  Their main role in ASDA is to communicate with vendors, companies, residency programs, etc. that want to give seminars at the school or to reach out to prospective content providers to engage our students.  Our "day-to-day" responsibilities involve emailing various vendors and company representatives to schedule educational seminars and sometimes social events, booking rooms for the educational seminars, sending out sign up
forms and ordering food for the seminars. However, we are also involved in any event that involves outside funding such
as Snowball, Steel City, and the ASDA picnics to help organize the event and obtain sponsors.

John Thompson, '21 
Hi, I'm John. I was born in Maryland and grew up in West Virginia. I completed my undergrad at the University of Maryland, where I received a degree in Bioengineering. Outside of school, I enjoy running, reading, traveling and playing with my dog. 
Jesse Woon, '21 
Hi, I'm Jesse. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, where I also attended the University of Richmond for my undergraduate education. In my free time I enjoy fishing and spending time with friends.
If you are interested in signing up for a lunch and learn please fill in your contact information below: