Meet Amy

March 26, 2018


I have always loved any activity that involves being outdoors, whether it is camping, hiking, or hunting I find it hard to pass up an opportunity to get outside. Since starting dental school I have grown in my passion for hunting. Hunting gives me an opportunity to travel home and explore new places in my community. It allows me to connect with other hunters and clear my head from the stresses of dental school. Hunting also gives people an opportunity to learn more about and responsibly manage natural resources such as wildlife management units (WMUs), different large and small game animals, and the food plots they need.

In addition to hunting being a family tradition it has also given me a new hobby that I enjoy in my free time from school – photography. My family and I love to take our hunting dog, Holly, new places to give her more time in the field. This gives me a chance to capture some of the beautiful places we see and develop a skill that I can share with others while being outdoors.


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