Dentistry is Dangerous?

February 8, 2017

Did you know: Dentistry is an extremely dangerous profession?
I know what you’re thinking… “but we’re promoting and creating good oral health. how can that be dangerous?”

Dentists are at an extremely high risk for musculoskeletal disease, or injuries that result from repetitive work, awkward or constrained postures, heavy lifting, pinching grasps, forceful movements, and vibrating tools (think about your handpieces!!). In addition, women are at a higher risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders, and there’s a lot of ladies in dental school these days. 

More than 70% of dental students report neck, shoulder and lower back pain by their third year of dental school. This is exactly the reason why every year (every semester even!) someone comes into one of our classes to teach us how to sit in a chair. While you may think it’s silly at the time, proper ergonomics is extremely important if you want to have a healthy, pain-free body throughout your career. 

Get a head start on your health with these lower back exercises, it’s never too early!
Happy Wellness Wednesday!


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