The Executive Council



Eric Bender, '21


Hi all! As president, it is my duty to lead and manage our local ASDA chapter at Pitt Dental Medicine.  I also serve to represent the voice of the student body, advocating as needed on the various committees the ASDA President (and VP) sit on -- including but not limited to:​

  • Student Advisory Committee (Pitt Dental Medicine)

  • IMSC Committee (Pitt Dental Medicine)

  • Infection Control Committee (Pitt Dental Medicine)

  • GPSG Assembly Board (Graduate & Professional Student Government Univ. of Pittsburgh)

As president I also serve as the first delegate for our school's chapter, representing our voice on national initiatives coordinated through the elected National ASDA Leadership Team (led by National ASDA President Craig McKenzie Penn Dental))

If you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, or questions please feel free to email me at the above email link - or  We also have a suggestion box for ideas for our ASDA chapter under our 'Resources' tab above.  If you are interested in holding an ASDA position please reach out and I will point you in the right direction!

About Eric:

Born and raised in Fort Atkinson, WI --> University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (B.S. Biochemistry + Business) --> Pitt Dental!  When I'm not in school, doing ASDA stuff, or working on, I enjoy biking (you'll see me biking to school every day!), snowboarding, and being outdoors!  If you have a passion for entrepreneurship -- reach out and let's talk!




Vice President

Lee Rodems, '21

The Vice President also plays a leadership role within Pitt ASDA in addition to supporting the President. As Vice President, I also sit on the following University-wide and Pitt Dental committees: 

  • Student Advisory Committee (Pitt Dental Medicine)

  • Infection Control Committee (Pitt Dental Medicine)

  • GPSG Assembly Board (Graduate & Professional Student Government Univ. of Pittsburgh)

Additionally I serve as the second delegate for Pitt. Within Pitt ASDA's chapter I am the executive board liaison for our Communications, Social, and Gold Crown Award committees. 

About Lee: I’m originally from Saratoga Springs, New York and I went to SUNY Binghamton University for undergrad. I’m excited to serve as Vice President for Pitt ASDA this year, being on the executive board has given me opportunities to get to know more of my classmates and become more involved in our Pitt Dental community. One of my favorite things about living in Pittsburgh is all the great restaurants here. Some of my favorites are Everyday Noodles and Daphne Café. When I’m not at school I enjoy spending time with my friends and exploring new neighborhoods in the city.



Casey White, '21

As secretary, the main responsibilities include facilitating event space reservation, coordinating event planning, recording meeting minutes, and communicating with key stakeholders about the on-goings of our ASDA chapter. 

About Casey:



Kirsten Fast, '21

The role of treasurer includes keeping track of all finances of the organization, filing year-end tax documents, maintaining and developing a budget, approving and processing financial transactions of committees, and assessing/ensuring financial health and sustainability within the organization. The treasurer works with the E-board to keep everyone informed on the funding status of the organization. 

About Kirsten:

I grew up in the DC area in Bowie, MD, I did my undergrad at Ohio State, and now I'm here at Pitt. I am doing the Navy HPSP scholarship, so once I graduate I'll be working as a Navy dentist for at least four years! I love being part of ASDA because it is a great way to care for our students beyond their academic needs. In my free time I like to run and bike, and I've found these to be some of the best ways to explore the city. I'm also a chronic stress-baker. If you're doing a military scholarship, or you are into marathons, triathlons, and/or sugary treats please feel free to reach out!


Legislative Liaison

Patrick Donnelley, '21

The L.L. works to organize grassroots initiatives including, but not limited to, ADPAC membership drives, meet and greets, engage alerts, voter registration drives, and lunch learns focused on advocacy. The L.L.'s role is to educate chapter members on ASDA advocacy initiatives as well as remain current on legislative issues affecting dental students and communicating that information back to chapter members. The L.L. attends local and state dental association meetings and participates / organizes state lobby day in addition to Advocacy month events. The L.L. works closely with the Advocacy committee chairs to carry out events. 

About Patrick:

I was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Scranton. I serve as the Legislative Liaison for Pitt ASDA . In this role, I serve my chapter by coordinating advocacy events so we can all learn more about advocacy and how we can be involved advocating for our profession as students and as future dentists. The Advocacy Committee works closely with me and other local and state dental associations to make these events happen. When I am not working on advocacy I can be found doing research, biking, hiking, skiing, cooking, or just sitting around reading.

*The e-board meets on a more frequent basis, working together as a team to strategize how the committees can work to carry out the vision and mission of the organization.  An e-board member plays a critical role in ensuring the success of the chapter and is responsible for coordinating with one or more ASDA committees to ensure the success of the organization.  The President of ASDA works through his or her e-board team to effectively reach each committee (although the president has committees of his or her own that the president works especially closely with).