Communication: The Communications Committee produces clear and timely avenues of communication between the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine students, faculty, and staff, as well as National ASDA and the dental community. They are the authors of the Pitt and Fissure publication. Interested? 

Community Outreach: The Community Outreach Committee organizes volunteer outreach opportunities for the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine student body in the greater Pittsburgh Area. Interested?

   Previous events include:

  • Annual Charity Golf Outing

  • Oral Cancer Stair Climb

  • Local Scope A events

Health and Wellness: The Health and Wellness Committee promotes health and wellness throughout the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine with students, faculty, and staff. Interested?

   Previous events include: 

  • Wellness Wednesdays

  • Carnegie Museum Visits 

  • Finals Week Snacks

Legislative: The legislative liaison serves as the advocate for dental students at the University of Pittsburgh. They oversee the Legislative Committee, as well as the attendance of students at ASDA National Lobby Day and PA Lobby Day. The legislative committee increases ADPAC Membership through ADPAC drives. Interested?

Pre-Dental: The Pre-dental Committee communicates and fosters educational experiences with pre-dental students from local colleges and universities. Interested?

   Previous events include: 

  • Mentoring the Pitt Dental Science Club

  • Drill and Fill Labs

  • Impression Labs 

  • Dental School Application Sessions

Social: The Social Chairs organize social gatherings amongst dental students. Interested?  

   Previous events include: 

  • Spring and Fall Picnics 

  • Annual Winter Semi-Formal 

  • Orientation week events for 1st years

Student Education: The Student Education Committee Chair serves as the foremost method of communications between Pitt ASDA and vendors, and organizes the meetings between the two. They serve as the primary contact for Lunch ‘n Learns and the Annual Loupes Fair. Interested?