Annual Session 2019 - Pittsburgh, PA

Every year delegates from each ASDA chapter (66 total) convene to decide upon policy and elect leaders for the next year. This year our local Pitt ASDA chapter sent 5 members downtown to our very own David L. Lawrence Convention Center to meet the other 600+ dental students representing their chapters from around the country. 

During the week, considerable time is spent reviewing the past year in ASDA, vetting candidates for national positions, and deliberating on resolutions to ASDA policy proposed by delegates in attendance. 

It is also during Annual Session that Gold Crown Awards are given to deserving individuals and chapters for ASDA accomplishment over the past year in 30+ categories. Most notably, 2019 Ideal Chapter was awarded to Roseman University, and 2019 Delegate of the Year was awarded to Mariamma Chaluparambil of UConn. 

Breakout sessions ranging from technology to professional development took place on Saturday morning between the formal ASDA caucuses and business meetings. Pitt's own Dr. John Ference led one such session with a presentation on "3-D Printing in the Dental Profession,"  discussing how 3-D printing is currently being utilized in dentistry and how it will be further implemented in the future.  

The President's Gala on Saturday night marks the finale of Annual Session. This year's Gala was Hunger Games themed and attendees from District 3 (Pitt, Penn, Temple, Howard, and Maryland) matched in gold and silver attire paying tribute to District 3 of Panem which is known for technology. This celebration bookended yearlong terms for both Roopali Kulkarni (Immediate Past President, Penn '19) and Craig McKenzie (President, Penn '21). Also recently elected and serving alongside Craig as vice presidents are Kai Huang (Alabama '20) and Brandon Rensch (Creighton '20). New leaders will be elected at Annual Session 2020 in St. Louis, MO.