District 3 Annual Session

January 11-13, 2019

            D1s, D2s, and D3s were given the opportunity to attend the Annual District 3 Session at Kalahari Resorts Poconos from January 11-13, 2019. Those who attended met students from other dental schools within our district, including Howard University, Temple University, University of Maryland, and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to bringing together colleagues from dental schools in our geographic region, the meeting also provided incredible lectures, fun social events, and several wellness events.

            Jessica Melo’s, D2, and Kristy Yang’s, D2, favorite lecture was the Panel of New Dentists. The panel included recent graduates, their plans, goals, and advice. They offered a different outlook on student loans and what to look for when signing contracts and buying practices. Lee Rodems’, D2, favorite lecture was one on Botox in Dentistry, which revealed a new scope of dentistry that we could one day practice ourselves! 

            While there were many informative lectures, there were also great networking and social events! Our favorite memories included the outdoor hot tub, hearing stories from other perspectives, and rooming with students from different schools.

This year, we took away a few Zirconia Crown Awards as well! The University of Pittsburgh took home the award for Best Social Media, and our very own President, Eric Bender, won the Rising Leader award. 

            Following the conference, we held a meeting for all members of ASDA to hear about the attendee’s experiences, so that all members gets to take away something! All-in-all, it was a wonderful experience for everyone!