District 3 ASDA

National ASDA is divided into 11 districts based on location. Pitt ASDA is in district 3 which is made up of Pennsylvania, Maryland and the District of Columbia. The following chapters in district 3 include:

  • Pittsburgh

  • Temple

  • Penn

  • Maryland

  • Howard

I was born and raised in Washington, PA. I attended Allegheny College in Meadville, PA where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. In my spare time, I like to workout at the gym or play basketball with friends. Pittsburgh has always been my home away from home. When I started interviewing at dental schools, The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine impressed me the most. Here at Pitt, everyone is treated like family and I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend such a fine institution.

Each year, District 3 holds a district meeting where members from each school come together to collaborate and share ideas between each school. 


The District is lead by a trustee, three district councilors, each chapters president and a cabinet. This years trustee is UPenn's Roopali Kulkarni. 

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Pitt District 3 Representative

Dominic Raggi, '19

District 3 Service and Outreach Development Committee

My role in this position is to plan our district leadership event this fall and along with possibly planning a national event as well. I serve as a liaison to the schools that make up ASDA district 3. The schools of our district are to report significant events they are planning and can ask either my counterpart in Maryland or myself for advice on organization, structure, and recruitment of help at various service events.